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Online Class Itinerary

Each day students will learn from three different subjects, sound healing, personal wellness, and shamanic skills development.  It's true that almost anyone can learn to play a bowl or gong, but to really be a healer, a facilitator of wellness, you must first work on yourself.  How can you effectively help others heal if you are judgemental, standoffish, or angry at the world?  Your heart is the most important instrument of all.  To gain access into shamanic skills, you must pass through different levels of awareness.  With that being said you can start from wherever you are situated.  Below is an example of our online class schedule (subject to change). 

Online Class Schedule

The night before each class, videos will be available for each of the three subjects, sound healing, personal wellness, and shamanic skills development.  View the videos for the days lesson and follow up by reading material for each corresponding lesson.  You may email questions specific to each lesson prior to the start of the class the following morning.  Next,each morning we will have a live interactive zoom class which will include demonstrations, questions and answers, classroom participation, and supportive feedback from all participants.  Classes are about 2 hours long, but private assistance will be offered if available. 

*all online students will be invited to attend a discounted  sound healing retreat on Maui, usually held twice a year

Personal Intensive Schedule

Similar to our online classes, our personal retreats offer three subjects, sound healing, personal wellness, and shamanic skill activation.  Additionally, we offer relationship wellness to singles or couples who are interested.  Our private retreats are a little more flexible with content.  You may pick and choose from our list of classes (eg. a couple might choose classes in relationships and personal wellness and not pick anything from sound healing or shamanic skill development).  Additional activities are also available (not included) such as local yoga classes, surfing lessons, massage, nature walks, beginner violin and didgeridoo lessons, local events and sound healing.  Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in a live sound healing, while working with Sarah and myself.  Retreat clients also receive personal sound healing support for the next year. 


7 nights and 6 days in our retreat cottage.  Our mini cottage is small, modest, and in a residential neighborhood onsite with our home and studio.  It has a separate kitchenette, bathroom and shower.  Some amenities are available by request. 

All retreat participants will receive a vegetarian welcoming breakfast before the first morning of class and will also receive a vegetarian dinner on Sunday night. 

retreat itinerary-

7:00-8:00 breakfast, self care
8:00-10:00 personal development
10:00-11:00 Shamanic Development
11:00-12:30 lunch break
*12:30-2:30 Sound Healing (flexible)

Wednesday (light day)

8:00- 10:00ish Makawao Forest mindfulness walk (weather dependent)

*optional enhanced learning activities


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