What is Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient practice that has been used around the world by many cultures for thousands of years.  It was prescribed by early Greek physicians as a healing modality and is still used today in some Western hospitals to promote relaxation and wellness.  Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet once said "sound will be the medicine of the future".  In India, the sacred practice of chanting mantra is used to increase self awareness and bring one into alignment with divine purpose.  In recent times, sound healing has gained popularity throughout the Western world as ordinary people subject themselves to this unique practice. 

According to science, each molecule vibrates at a specific frequency generating it's own sound signature.  All of what we experience is made up of sound vibrations.  Current research has found the vagus nerve, when stimulated by sound, can have favorable effects on internal organs and the parasympathetic nervous system.  Studies on binaural beats combined with the technology of magnetic resonance imaging have shown great improvements in bilateral brain activity, translating into overall wellness and good health. Researchers are eagerly exploring modern applications of sound to assist in modern healthcare.  Simply put, sound healing is relaxing and soothing.  It promotes a sense of wellness and induces a state of meditation, even if the listener has never meditated before.  It's simple and easily accessible.  The listener simply lays down, (usually on a yoga mat) gets comfortable and warm, eyes closed, then relaxes and focuses on the breath as the transcendental sound vibrations take the listener on a deep journey of self discovery, releasing tension and emotional blocks. 



What makes us different?

Most often sound healers use crystal bowls, gongs, tuning forks and a few misc instruments.  These tools have been used over time by Tibetan monks and others and have shown to produce profound effects on the mind, body and spirit.  What makes Maui Sound Healing different is the combining of spiritual practices and disciplines related to sound.  As described in the Vedas, Nada yoga is an ancient metaphysical practice based on the idea that all of creation consist of sound vibrations called nada.  This concept holds that it is the sound energy in motion, rather than matter and particles, which form the building blocks of the cosmos.  Modern physics supports this understanding, especially via the new field of string theory, which claims that the entire universe may be made up of infinitesimally small subatomic strands of energy vibrating at different frequencies.  It is sound which connects us all in both the micro and macrocosm.  Much of our offering models the Josmani approach of blending Vaisnava Bhakti, Kundalini and Nath yoga to assist in personal and social transformation.  Raga uses esoteric scales and note relationships to invoke specific emotions.  The power of a raga composition lies in its ability to evoke emotion that captivates listeners. Originating out of ancient Vedic recitation techniques, the spiritual significance behind Hindustani Classical Music as a whole derives from the philosophical idea of the nāda, the primordial vibration that all life is created from.  Many of the instruments we've selected are played in Raga and have been purposely designed to connect with spirit and enhance the listener's inner journey.  Some believe that raga is directly connected to the past times in the divine realms.  The chanting of Mantra is a sacred practice used in many cultures throughout the world.  Mantra literally means "sound tool" in Sanskrit.  Sanskrit and other languages such as ancient Hebrew, Egyptian and Tibetan evolved as a way for sound to evoke movements of energy, guiding the soul towards divinity.  Mantra induces a deep awakening of the soul and the practitioner becomes renewed with a sense of purpose and being.  

Benefits of sound healing-

meditative state with no previous experience

deep relaxation

stress reduction

performance improvement

release of emotional blocks

improved concentration

improved physical and mental health

self awareness

promotes a sense of community

stimulates the right and left brain function

aids in sleep

promotes balance of the chakras

slows aging

reduces dysfunctional thinking and behaviors

stimulates creativity


I attend Rasa Priya’s Maui Sound Healings on Tuesdays at the gorgeous Lumeria retreat center.  It is very eclectic, as Rasa invites guest musicians, dancers and healers each week.  We begin with kirtan chants.  The powerful mantras spread throughout the room.  After that, the sound healing begins with a variety of interesting instruments and sounds.  As I lay on the floor on my yoga mat, wrapped with pillows and blankets, I close my eyes and let the music absorb into my being.  I feel a collective consciousness with all those present.  The vibrational tones resonate with my body and I feel love and light pouring into my body raising the vibrational energy.  I feel an overwhelming peace and calmness.  The sound experience was powerful.  It was one of the best ones I have attended on the island, and there are many.  It was perfect.
 -Michele Bates

Oh wow, the ceremony was amazing…the best sound healing experience ever!  The evening was complete with pleasure for the eyes, an exquisite male Balinese dancer, the pleasure of aroma, Island flowers and paulo santo to enliven the spirit, pleasure of taste, deep rich and delicious cacao, pleasure of healing connective touch reiki and the pleasure of sound energy vibrating through all levels of my consciousness.  All of my sense seduced taking me deeper into my heart.  I am loved.   

-Nova Lee

The hot stones body work with sacred music was so different than anything I've experienced.  Wow gorgeous! 

-Sidney Nico


I have been suffering from depression for years.  Im not sure what happened, but something shifted.  Thank you! 

-Guy Salzar

Before going to Maui Sound Healing, I never meditated or paid much attention to that kind of thing.  Soon after closing my eyes, I felt so relaxed.  The music seemed somehow different.  Without sounding to weird, I felt like I was dreaming but I was awake.  Im not really sure what happened but when I opened my eyes it felt so peaceful.  I think Im going to take a yoga class.  You guys rock!

-Jamie Stoltz

The best way to tell is to see for yourself.  Come and treat your senses to a truly unique experience.