Sound Healing School

online classes and private retreats

Do you want to become a sound healer?  We offer step by step guidance on how to develop the skills needed to become a sound healer.  In our private one on one retreat, we offer three areas of development, sound healing, personal development, and shamanic

skills.  Why choose Maui Sound Academy?  We blend a variety of ancient sound practices, mantras, chants, esoteric music forms, shamanic invocations and world instruments to create a unique healing experience.  Not only will you learn how to play sound healing instruments, we also share techniques on how to develop yourself as a channel, a healer. 

Class Schedules:

Online Class- September 13-19 2021, class size is limited

Becoming a quality sound healer takes more than just knowledge and the ability to play a gong or crystal singing bowl.  The true gift comes when we are able to get out of the way, to become a channel for healing and wellness.  Each day, we will be sharing lessons in sound healing, personal wellness, and shamanic skill development.  Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion, along with helpful tools to deepen your practice and have a successful sound healing career. 

Special Promotion $495.00 (Normal Cost-$750)


Single Subjects- always available

No time for a week long class?  Learn from any one of our modules or ask for what you are looking for.  We offer one on one online classes specific to your needs.  We have learning modules in sound healing, personal wellness, relationships and shamanic skills development.

Cost-$60 (approx 40-60min)


Personal Maui Intensive, 6 Nights and 7 Days, application and interview required

Our personal retreats are custom designed to fit your specific needs.  Lessons in relationships, sound healing, personal wellness, and shamanic skill development are made available for you to choose from.  5 days will have class and 2 days will be available for free time or added activities such as surf lessons, massage, and specialty classes (not included in cost). 

Cost-$2000 single (add $500 for partner)

*transparency-only select applicants accepted