Sound Healing Live Workshop

Level 1

Do you want to become a sound healer?  We offer step by step guidance on how to develop the skills needed to become a sound healer.  Our online live interactive workshop is perfect for beginners or for those who want to build a solid business foundation. 

Why choose Maui Sound Academy?  We provide a solid foundation for all levels of sound healing  Not only will you learn how to play sound healing instruments, we also share techniques on how to develop yourself as a channel, and healer.  Students who complete this course will receive a certificate of completion.  In our advanced training class we take things a step further.  We teach a variety of ancient sound practices, mantras, chants, esoteric music forms, shamanic invocations and world instruments to create a unique healing experience.  We also share basic engineering and advanced marketing skills.

Online Workshop Enrollment- Saturday September 11, 2021 or October 30, 2021 8:30AM HST

Sound Healing Level 1-  Sound healing basics and skills development.  Learn how to play singing bowls and gongs.  Learn what it takes to become a professional sound healer.  Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion, along with helpful tools to deepen your practice and have a successful sound healing career.  Workshops are usually 5-8 hours and may vary depending on exercise participation and how many students have instruments (see below). 


*Materials needed to take this class: 

-Yoga mat or blanket

-Something to write with. 

-A gong and singing bowl is recommended but not required.  Video instruction for gongs and bowls will be made available to use once you complete the workshop (see below). 

-Optional- if you have an instrument that you would like to use for sound healing, you are welcome to bring it

and see how to use it can be used.

*We offer assistance with choosing the right bowl or gong for you (purchasing fee applies).  If you purchase through our store, all purchase fees are waived.