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Realm of Dreams- "A stunning audio and visual experience"

What is Sound healing?  A brief introduction

Sarod is a unique instrument that opens

the heart and soul

Native American chants invoking

spirit animal guides for healing

Crystal singing bowls vibrating at a

cellular level

Om Nama Shivaya

(kirtan chant)

Sacred mantra praising

the divine feminine

Forest Hada

didgeridoo, chimes, Hawaiian chants

Andrea Walls

violin, percussion, marimba

Adesh Khalsa

kuniyasa, pranayama

planetary gongs, handpan

Udaya Bryce

tabla, djembe, waterphone

Sarah Sparkles

crystal singing bowls, handpan

vox, keyboards, tabla, mridangam

Rasa Priya

sarod, guitar, vox

Native American flute, medicine drum, mridangam

"Take the journey"

Prema Love

Joel Suarez

Rosi Kittiel

Carlos Garcia

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