Maui Sound Healing Retreat

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January 22-28, 2023 Maui, Hawaii free accommodations!

March 19-25, 2023 Maui, Hawaii free accommodations!

June 18-24, 2023 Maui, Hawaii free accommodations!

The Island of Maui is deeply spiritual and sacred.  Great transformation through self discovery and creative cultivation are available to those who are open, for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and others. 

My name is Rasa Priya and I am a sacred sound practitioner.  Part of my service is helping others discover their own unique gifts in healing, intuition, and energetics.  Sarah and I invite you to come to Maui and experience the magic that is YOU.     Classes and workshops are carefully designed to share how to play sound healing instruments such as crystal bowls, gongs, drums, and chimes, as well as how to cultivate a deep and intuitive perception, how to make yourself a clear channel, developing creativity, sensitivity, and mindfulness. 

Come and stay in our modest home as our guests. Accommodations will be offered to qualifying individuals (interview required).  Each day includes a variety workshops, classes, Island activities (not included), and personal time . For more information please contact us.  

*Healthy group dynamics is a must.  All retreat guests are expected to be curteous and respectful towards one another.  Anyone choosing not to follow retreat rules will be asked to leave immediately.

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Sacred Sound Healing Classes


Crystal Singing Bowls- The heart and soul of sound healing begins with the crystal singing bowl. Crystal bowls take the listener away from a busy mind, creating a parasympathetic response which allows for deep healing, emotional processing and creative expressing. Many claim the ease of entering into a meditative state, even when past attempts have not been successful.  In this section you will learn various techniques on how to play the crystal bowl, how to do transitions, how to create therapeutic harmonies, and how to combine chakras balancing with crystal singing bowls.  

Shamanic Gong-  In our shamanic gong class we cover the fundamentals such as warming up the gong, strikes and friction, types mallets, and basic gong techniques.  Next, we go beyond form, beyond the mind, and explore your own natural relationship with energy and expression through the gong.  Shamanic gong playing, created by Rasa Priya, is a unique approach that incorporates esoteric styles and sound generation specifically designed to promote awareness into trauma and wounding associated with emotional triggering.  It is highly recommended to use fundamental gong playing for most sound healings (love and light).  But, if your client is ready to go deeper, shamanic gongs can bring light to the darkest places within.

Medicine Drum- For thousands of years, shamans around the world have used drums for healing, transformation, guidance, strength and awareness.  The medicine drum can be used by itself or in combination with chants and mantras.  The steady beats and hypnotic rhythm take the listener into other realms often creating a variety of internal experiences.  Clients have claimed to see lights, experience kundalini, see lights and colors, and even see the deceased.  In my practice, I also use the medicine drum to cultivate a shamanic perspective (similar to Vedic), as well as to visit different internal realms. In this class you will learn a variety of skills and techniques, traditional and modern materials used, and how to enter a shamanic state of meditation using the medicine drum.

Vocal Empowerment- Becoming a powerful listener also enhances the strength of our word.  So much happens from the things we say and how we choose to speak.  Many of us are afraid to sing in front of others, we believe we are not good enough, we believe we cannot sing.  Well, it's because your focus is in the wrong area!  Finding the power of your own voice and singing for your own self is a powerful way to cultivate awareness, sensitivity and the ability to command attention when you speak.  When we add our voice to a crystal singing bowl (even if not pitch perfect), magic happens.  In this class you will discover the hidden power that is already you.  You will gain skills to help develop self confidence and self awareness.

Musical Instruments-Didgeridoo, sarod, handpan, flute, sitar, tanpura, violin, synthesizer, many of these wonderful instruments add depth and richness to the sound healing experience.  Each of these unique instruments have their own mood producing vibration.  For instance, the sarod, when played in raga (North Indian Classical), invokes specific feelings and emotions.  In this class you are invited to bring your instrument (although not required) and learn how, and when to add this to your own style of sound healing.

Chimes, Tuning Forks, Bells, Ornamental Tones- These delightful instruments are perfect for transitions, audience interaction, and closing.  These light sounds provide comfort and nourishment of the heart, especially effective after a heavy gong section.  In this class we will be discussing use, timing and the subtle energy effects. 

Chakras- Did you know that our chakras align with our endocrine system (regulates bodily functions and response to stress and illness)?  Each of our chakras is an energy center influencing specific aspects of our personality tendencies and constitution.  Recognizing symptoms and accurate assessments are power tools when doing any kind of energy healing work.  In this class you will learn each of the chakras, how to tell between a closed and opened chakra, healing notes, colors and bija mantras used in chakra balancing.   

Sound Healing-Learn how to do a sound healing from start to finish.  In this sound healing class I will share everything you need to do a sound healing, how to set up, how to choose a venue, marketing, and how to create your own unique sound healing experience.  At the end of the retreat, students will participate in a live sound healing with an actual audience.  

Sound Healing

Personal Skills Workshops



 Seeing Thru the Eyes of a Healer- How much does your past conditioning affect the way you view the world, yourself, and others?  All of us experience conditioning in varying degrees.  The key is to be open to what lies beyond the limited experience and judgement of the mind and begin to see from our hearts, our intuitive awareness, our deep creativity.  Learn exercises and practices designed to cultivate the perspective of the healer.

Holding Space Healing- Authenticity can be disturbing, shocking, and even strange.  It can trigger our own fears and reactions, leaving us feeling vulnerable.    Holding space for another when they are struggling and expressing their wounding is a skill of detachment, not being judgmental, having empathy, and development of the divine feminine.  In this skill development workshop we will explore personal opportunities for growth and awareness in the ability to hold sacred space.

Self Awareness Drum Class-Any time I engage in creativity, I use and develop intuition and sensitivity.  During the creative process, I get a thought, a feeling, a sense of something that wants to be expressed.  Following my intuition, something wonderful emerges, something beautiful is revealed.  In this class we will integrate right and left brain function while cultivating creative energy and intuitive awareness.  One of the easiest ways to experience right and left brain integration is thru music, by playing the drum.  Our drum class can be powerful and transformational! 

Developing Your Own Natural Gifts- Who are you?  What are your natural propensities? What stops you from fulfilling your dreams, your desires?  Many of us perceive ourselves as unqualified, not good enough, incompetent.  We stop ourselves from trying.  Healing old wounds from the past can change perspective and provide the opportunity for healing, for self acceptance.  Developing your own natural abilities is an act of self love, a way to step into your authenticity, a way to express the uniqueness of your being.  Together we will explore and bring out these hidden jewels.

Shape Shifting- How attached to your own perspective are you?  Can you step outside yourself and sink into the perspective of another, without judgement, without your own ideas?  Shifting perspective does not require belief in the perspective, it requires openness and a sense of oneness.  When we develop the ability to try on new perspectives we gain the ability to change our thoughts, feelings and the way we view the world.  We begin to have empathy for the human condition in all its various forms.  In this workshop we explore various ways to shift perspective as a healing tool.

Becoming the Channel- Getting out of the way, allowing what wants to come through, can be filtered by our own thoughts, judgements, attachments, intentions, ideas and what we resist.  Most of us are attached to the stories of our conditioning and what they symbolize for us.  When we do this as healers, we can inhibit the qualitative possibilities of the healing session.  Becoming a clear channel, without ego is no small task.  In fact, it's what separates the many different types of sound healings and sound healers.  In this workshop we discover the practice of being the clear channel.  Does this mean we have to be completely enlightened 24/7?  No!  Just as a surgeon with poor physical health can still perform successful healing procedures, the same is true for the healing practitioner.  We will show you how to step into being the channel during the healing session.

Self Awareness Workshops

Soul Retrieval- Who are you beyond your conditioning?  In this workshop we discover ways to

witness who we are without the filters of our minds, thoughts and feelings.  You will learn how to see from your true and authentic self.  This workshop will be experienced as a sound healing.  Learn directly as you experience this guided journey.

Shadow Work- Shadow work refers to discovering and healing the deep subconscious wounds from our past.  These wounds often manifest as triggers and reactive fear responses in our relationships.  In this workshop we show you how to locate your own shadows and how to heal and transform these patterns.  

Emotional Regulations- Our emotions are powerful ways to receive and experience information.  Although all emotions are valid, they may not necessarily be based on truth.  Many emotions are attached to our triggers and old wounds.  Emotional regulation gives us the ability to feel our emotions without being ruled by them.  It provides the power of choice.  Sarah will teach you skills on cultivating the power of choice during a heavy emotional response.

Divine Masculine and Feminine-Each of us possesses masculine and feminine qualities. Sometimes our relationship with these energies is influenced by our patterns of behavior.  In this workshop we explore our current way of expressing these energies and how to bring them into balance.  

Maui Activities

sound healing - mindfulness meditation - all kinds of yoga -forest hiking 

swimming cleanse - reiki -shamanic healing

massage - surfing - pristine beaches - maui conscious events - whale watching

boat cruise - outdoor drum circle - surf lessons

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*All classes, activities, and events are subject to time and availability.