Maui Sound Academy


Online Sound Healing Live Workshop Level 1

Want to become a sound healer?   Learn from master sound healer Rasa Priya.  In this class you will learn everything you need to become a sound healer.   Receive the benefit of live and personal training and visual demonstrations.  All students who complete this course will receive a certificate, plus access to the Advanced Sound Healing level 2 course.


*introduction into sound healing

*basic sound healing theory

*soundscapes, binaural beats, isochronic

*voice activation, vocal toning

*crystal bowls

*ornament instruments


*musical instruments


*chakra opening

*sound dynamics

*how to create a sound healing session

*business of sound healing

*how to play bowls

*how to play gongs

*becoming a sound healer

Optional services available-

-step by step advice on purchasing your own gong or bowl.  We have quality products to satisfy your budget.

-step by step advice on starting your own sound healing practice.


Advanced Sound Healing
Level 2

We are all born with creativity, sensitivity, awareness, and the ability to influence gross and subtle energy.  Discover how to develop and cultivate who you already are in relationship to these energies. 

*basic sound engineering

*right and left brain integration

*advanced marketing strategy


*increase your sensitivity

*power of creativity

*the art of detachment

*psychic or projection- how to avoid ego

*healing touch

*advanced vocal empowerment

*make yourself a clear channel-pt 2

details coming