Maui Sound Academy


Sound Healing School

Want to become a sound healer?   Come to our Maui Sound Healing Private Retreat and develop the skills needed to begin or deepen your sound healing practice.

-classes are available online, in person for locals and visitors, as well as a personal week long onsite intensive. 


*introduction into sound healing

*basic sound healing theory

*soundscapes, binaural beats, isochronic

*voice activation- the power of voice

*crystal bowls



*chakra balancing

*medicine drum

*sound dynamics

*shamanic training

*how to create a sound healing session

*business of sound healing

*step by step advice on starting your own practice

*daily class is limited to basic training of crystal singing bowls, gongs, medicine drum and voice activation.

Yoga at Home
Meditation by the Sea

Personal Wellness

Self love is the key to all success.  But what does that really mean?  Self love is the awareness and acceptance of all parts of who you are.  We offer tools and exercises for developing personal empowerment.  Come and spend a week with us on the beautiful Island of Maui and treat yourself to our mini private retreat. 



*emotional regulation

*effective communication

*Relationships (effective relating)

*self love

*sexual wellness

*chakra alignmement

*heart centered boundaries

*personal empowerment

*the power of dedication


Shamanic Skills

We are all born with creativity, sensitivity, awareness, and the ability to influence gross and subtle energy.  Discover how to develop and cultivate who you already are in relationship to these energies.  Our mini retreat is perfect for developing these special skills.


*right and left brain integration


*increase your sensitivity

*power of creativity

*discover your own unique gifts

*the art of detachment

*psychic or projection- how to avoid ego

*psychic exercise

*healing touch

*vocal empowerment

*make yourself a clear channel



Relationships are one of the hardest things to navigate.  Those on the path of spiritual development often find themselves unclear when it comes to personal boundaries and authentic relating.  Sarah and I are not perfect, in fact we are just like you.  Together, we have found a way to fully be in our authenticity (wounding and all), while simultaneously cultivating our individual spiritual path, as well as our collective path together as a couple and family.


*how our wounds most often bring us together

*self empowerment while in a relationship


*effective communication

*authentic relating

*jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity

*love languages

*personal development in relationships

*sacred sexuality and sensual touch

*the 2 keys to a successful relationship

*spiritual bypasing

*divine masculine and divine feminine