Advanced Sound Healing

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Sound Healing is becoming increasingly popular. People who have never participated in meditation or spiritual practice, are finding new ways to experience inner awakening. While sound healing is relatively new in the US, traditional types of ancient sound practices have been used for thousands of years. Cultures around the world have developed modalities such as chanting mantra, prayer and invocations, and tonal balancing. Raga in North Indian classical music is used to invoke emotions specific to mood, time of day and current events. Music and sound have always been a way to bring communities together, celebration, and expression.

Most sound healing incorporates the use of crystal singing bowls, gongs and chimes. These methods are the foundation of most thriving practices, however, there is more. Kirtan is a call and response form of prayer commonly practiced in Asia. The mantra used in kirtan is very specific in origin and in articulation. Even the formation and approach to making sounds with mantra is spiritually beneficial. One of the nice things about kirtan is the listener can also participate, using their own voice to create healing vibrations. Sacred Invocations have been used by indigenous tribes as a way to seek guidance and direction from the spiritual realm, often in the form of animal spirits, entities and spirit guides. Native American chants rely on the natural order and consider animal spirits as powerful spirit guides full of wisdom and knowledge. Raga, used in North Indian classical music, uses specific notes, note relationships and embellishments to promote certain types of emotions. In a few circles, these specific emotional moods are directly related to the past times of dynamic play, the interaction of the divine masculine and divine feminine in its various forms. Presently, Binaural beats and Isochronic tones are being studied and explored as healing modalities for PTSD and other types of reactive patterning. It is thought that neural plasticity and bilateral neural networking can empower the listener with the use of specific tones, frequencies and intervals.

There are many more sound applications available. I've only mentioned a few in order to give you an idea of the endless possibilities. I would love to hear from YOU. #soundhealingtechniques #advancedsoundhealing #binaural #isochronic #howtosoundhealing

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