Covid-19 Mental Health Tips

What are some of the most powerful tools that can help us in this moment? How can we remain in our hearts when our freedom is stripped, when our emotions are triggered, when we no longer feel a sense of control? Will you live in fear, distress and anxiety, or will you find your true power and live fully in the present, as it is? Here are a few tools to help you to stay in your heart and be effective. attachment/detachment- we are attached to an ideal, we want things to be a certain way, we demand change in order to make us feel safe, justified, validated. when our attachment to these things does not occur we feel anxious, unsafe, fearful and angry. attachment is one of the primary reasons why we suffer. it takes us out of the moment. we become preoccupied with "what should be" rather than what is. by cultivating detachment we can truly be present with what is and choose our actions, regulate our emotions and decide what to bring forth. this doesn't mean we run away and ignore the world around us. it doesn't mean we don't engage in service. it means not being attached to the results. it means do all you can and then let the results fall to divine will. emotional regulation- our emotions are real and valid. they come from our perceptions. they are influenced by past experiences and how we view the world. they do not need to be based in reality in order to be experienced. how we react to them is different for each of us. our emotions often trigger a response. we see or hear something we don't like, we perceive an injustice and we feel our emotions. many of us react without pause, we go off on someone, we become defensive, we attack and make accusations in order to validate our emotions. our emotions can take us away from truth, from what is really happening in the moment. emotional regulation does not mean we bypass what we feel. it does not mean that we invalidate our experience. it means we validate what we are feeling, pause, then decide from a wise mind on how to proceed. this is easier said than done. in the heat of the moment we are mostly conditioned to react. there are numerous techniques online on how to cultivate emotional regulation. if you are able to acquire this skill, you will no longer be a slave to the your emotions. seeing others as yourself- we look at another and become disgusted, angry, outraged. we blame them for our own suffering. look at that person, don't they know what they are doing is wrong! if they only saw things the way i do this planet would be a better place! seeing others as separate creates a sense of division, it cultivates a mentality of us and them. it pushes our ego to think I'm right and they are wrong. it feeds hate and diminishes a sense of unity. it cultivates selfish interest rather than the interest of the whole. it breeds a dog eat dog mentality. when we see others as our self, we develop compassion for them, even when we are in opposition. it allows us to hold space for their misgivings and keeps our hearts open. it provides them the opportunity for change through love and compassion rather than the need for defensive validation. when most of us think of Trump, our ex, our abuser, or someone who has wronged us, we perceive our self as a victim. seeing that person as our self creates a deeper way of being and cultivates depth of heart and universal understanding. "there is nowhere god is not" truth vs belief- the truth is we don't know anything. we may have some relative idea, a belief system that resonates with our core values, an idea substantiated by data and appearance, but the reality is we don't know for sure. we perceive our experience through our senses. we assume our senses to be the only measure of reality. we believe that humans are superior to all beings, that we are the center of all of creation. only one thing, it's all relative. everyone of has a belief system and each of us swear by it. "i got a download so it must be real", "my faith is the real path, i can feel it". how can one person's version of reality be greater than another? relative belief is cultivated from personal experience, from wounding, from limitations of culture, trauma, acceptance. relative truth is only real to the perceiver. our world is dynamic and everything is in motion. electrons are coming and going at every second. this means the state of any object is never absolutely defined in any moment. so how does this help us? by understanding this, we devolp tolerance for what is unknown, for what we can't understand, for what doesn't seem right, for what is actually happening in the world around us. it helps us to be present in the moment rather than in the illusion of control. it helps us to move away from cultivating selfishness and keeps us in the infinite dance of the unknown, what buddhist refer to as "beginners mind" #survivingcovid #covidmentalhealth #covidstress #stress #ineedhelp #howtosurvivecovid

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