Feeling Lost

Feeling uncertain, unsure, not quite aware of what it is but can feel something is off? Have doubts about yourself, your path? In this moment many healers, light workers and people in general are experiencing uncertainty. Many are feeling uneasy, tired and drained of vitality. NOT TO WORRY! This is perfect! Collectively we are experiencing a shift in our foundation. We are being asked to show up when things are unknown, unsettled. We are so accustomed to rely on this material world in ways that are not substantial. We have created a false dependency on things outside ourselves. Question-can you stand in your heart if everything you know is removed? If not, why not? One way to help cultivate this inner strength is by allowing without resistance. No matter what unpleasant thing is coming your way, simply allow it without resistance and become the observer and witness what occurs. This does not mean to sit idle if you are being abused, we still can say no and even take action, but try and do so as an observer. Super difficult? Absolutely! But, if you want to thrive in an unknown world, this is a must.

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