HEART HEALERS NEEDED NOW!!- Most of us are good decent people. We love our friends and family members. We work to heal old wounds and improve our relations. We do what we can to be in service. Unfortunately THIS IS NOT ENOUGH! Some of YOU are needed to step up and go beyond your own comfort zone. Our planet desperately needs developed hearts to lead us all during these times. What does a well developed heart look like? On the outside they look like me and you! They make mistakes, show their emotions, and take care of their responsibilities. On the inside is a world of difference. They are EVERYONE"S well wisher. They do not see Trump, Gates or the police officer as an enemy. Instead they see them as they see themselves, someone in need of love and healing. This type of vision is rare and subject to ridicule but it is what we need if we are to survive. Unification for ALL beings (not just humans) is the only way that is sustainable. Otherwise, we can choose to hate in the name of justice, in the name of righteousness, in the name of our own idea of morality and we will suffer. Take a close look at what is happening. I may not be a saint or even a good example but I can say it is quite possible to rid yourself from ineffective hating. #covidhealing #stophate #BLM #stopracism #healing #whatnow

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