Holding Space

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

The one thing we need on this planet is the ability to hold space for one another. For decades I was plagued by insecurity and not feeling goods enough. As a young child I grew up in a white neighborhood and am short in stature. I would look around and literally feel less than. When I entered into relationships jealousy would often arise. I wondered why a woman would want to be with me, especially with my baggage. I took to spiritual life and did lots of self work, plant medicine, stayed in ashrams in India, looking for a way to find value within. When I met my wife we put everything on the table right away. We didn't want to waste time learning each others shadows. I quickly learned that she had developed many skills in order to survive. She was able to hold space for me in a way I never experienced before. She allowed my wounding but kept personal boundaries and was skilled in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) which helped navigate emotional triggers. Soon I ended up in therapy (something I had resistance to) and did EMDR. This was a game changer. EMDR rewired my brain. Eventually, my jealousy subsided and I was able to be free from my traumatized emotional responses.

When I look around the world today, it seems like most expressions of hate and anger are caused from wounding. If we can hold space with compassion, we may be able to help each other through these difficult times. #jealousy #survivngjealousy #EMDR #DBT #holdingspace #bethechange #newworld #shift #healing #survivecovid #covid

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