Illusion of Independence

NO it is not your god given right to do whatever you want without it affecting ALL of us. If it were so then we would have the right to harm each other, rape, abuse, steal etc. You might say " I can do whatever I want as long as it doesn't affect another". And, that's the point, it's impossible to do anything without affecting the whole. Independence is an illusion. We are all interdependent, an organic collective. True we all have choices, but acting independently, only satisfying your own desires can be harmful to the the group. The TRUTH is no one knows for sure what is happening. We all have ideas and beliefs but that's all they are...ideas and beliefs. To assert your opinion as absolute truth is an illusion. Entitlement is common right now and Im hoping we can at least consider and validate those who see things differently than ourselves. Please be kind. #interdependence #independence #entitled #covidrights #racism

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