Raising Good Children vs Raising Conscious Children

Historically we judge our children by how well behaved they are, by how they conform to social norms, stay inside the box of what we determine is right or wrong. We teach them our ideals and correct them if they stray away from what we project as appropriate. We achieve these qualities through punishment, control, and discipline. So what happens when "good" children grow up? If you were one of those "good" children, ask yourself. Often, when children are forced to conform, when parents steer them according to their own wounding and projections, they become conditioned to fit in. They look to others to help determine who they are. They seek approval and validation from friends and community in order to feel good about themselves. They lack in self awareness and the ability to be resourced. In contrast, raising a child who is strong in themselves, who feels free to express his emotions, to be who they are (even when it is uncomfortable for others), to NOT be controlled by social norms, their friends, teachers, and even parents, is no easy thing. In fact, it is much more difficult. Conscious Parenting by Dr Shefali is a truly unique approach. NO, it is not easy! NO, it does not help you gain control over your children. What I can say from experience is, our son is strong in who HE is. Many times it is quite difficult for Sarah and I, and friends often disagree with our approach because we choose not to dominate and control him. But we love who HE is, who HE wants to be, beyond our own preferences. There is a reason why most people in the world today have so much wounding to overcome as adults, requiring so much inner work and healing. The time to change is at hand. Change requires something different! Our children are the future. Do you want to raise a compliant follower, someone who goes with what they are told, does what they are expected to? Or, do you want to raise someone who is strong in who they are, truly sovereign, self determined.....

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