REJECTION- Make it Your Superpower!

Have you ever been rejected? Have you ever felt "less than" when someone didn't see you for who you really are? Well, I certainly have! As a child I was rejected. I always felt inferior. I really believed the environment supported my belief. People would make fun of me for being short, for being Asian. From this adversity a fire was born!!! About 6 years ago there was a great sound healing couple on Maui. I admired their skills and wanted to be a part of their experience. I reached out a few times to see if I could play with them....NOTHING! I kept trying to contact them and continued not to hear back. I felt REJECTED! The truth is I don't know if they got too busy to connect or if they really didn't want to but my wounded self took it as rejection. I decided right then and there that I would BECOME the solution. I actually decided to use this fire of rejection to become a sound healer! After much hard work and persistence, I can say I feel good in where I am at today. Any "negative emotion or feeling" provides and opportunity to be effective or ineffective. Don't let rejection keep you down!! The only person who can keep you down is yourself. The world needs your light to shine right now! YOU are worthy and YOU have a unique gift to offer. Look inside, dig deep and find the joy of your on self expression!! #rejection #selfesteem #iamworthy #superpower #selflove

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