Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality- Guilt, shame, insecurity, inadequacy, loneliness, our relationship with intimacy is often cultivated and influenced by wounding from our childhood. What was your relationship like with your mother, father siblings etc, how did your parents express love? What was their wounding? How much did they project their own wounds onto you? As we enter into adulthood we are bombarded with social media, opinions of friends and our communities on how to act and how to present ourselves. For some, it is easy to appear confident, strong, self assured, but behind closed doors when the lights are out, a whole new side emerges. A side of insecurity and shame.

Sexuality can reveal the truth of where one is situated.

For Sarah and I, we both experienced sexual trauma growing up. Areas of shame, guilt and insecurity were things we had to heal in order to become sexually free. So, whoever YOU are, and wherever YOU are situated sexually, YOU are perfect!! You are not defined by your sexuality, it is a byproduct of many factors. If YOU choose, YOU may change your relationship with intimacy by healing old wounds, repairing familial relationships, by doing YOUR own inner work. YOU ARE OK

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