Shamanic Sound Healing School

Maui Sound Academy is no ordinary sound healing school. Most schools teach the science and theory of sound healing, along with techniques on how to play the gong and bowls. In contrast, we work from the inside out. Making yourself a good receiver and a channel for healing requires many areas of development. Things like judgement, attachment and ego can interfere with what wants to be. Personal wellness is one of three primary subjects at Maui Sound Academy. Some of the classes in our Personal Wellness section include mindfulness, emotional regulation, effective communication, interpersonal relationships. In our Sound Healing section, I teach all aspects of sound healing. My goal is to leave you with the ability to operate your own sound healing business. You will learn how to play crystal singing bowls, gongs, medicine drums and vocal ornaments. I will also cover business practices, marketing, venues and more. Finally, our Shamanic Skills Development section is something I am really excited to share. I provide exercises and tools to help develop intuition, increased sensitivity, shadow awareness, creativity, and right/left brain integration skills. Our online classes and personal retreats share daily lessons in all three subjects, along with live interactive demonstrations and exercises.

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