What is sound healing?

Updated: Jan 20

Revealing the mysteries of a new way of meditation and self awareness...the art of sound healing.

The sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce once said, “sound will be the medicine of the future”. For thousands of years sound has been used as a means to promote balance and wellness. In many Eastern religious practices, mantras have been used as a way to deepen the connection to spirit and assist in life’s ultimate purpose. Kirtan, (#kitan #meditation) a call and response type of chanting, is a sacred practice from the east, used to cultivate spiritual awareness and has entered into the mainstream, gaining in popularity. Shamans from Native American tribes have been using sacred rattles, drums and medicine animal chants (#chant #mantra) a way to diagnose and treat a variety of physical and mental imbalances. According to Cherokee elder Dhani Ywahoo, “Voice is our greatest medicine. The power of voice, song, and prayer has the ability to draw life force into the body so that a person may become whole”. In Africa, the use of polyrhythmic singing with instruments such as the mbira and marimba were often called upon during ceremonies designed to invoke the ancestors and spirit guides as a means to restore health. In a study of ancient frequencies by Michael Jacobson of Globe Institute, he writes “Hawaiians have always used songs, or mele to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. Traditional Hawaiians see that to be whole and balanced is our natural state. All people are seen as lokahi (uniquely individual, yet one with all existence) and pono (in harmony, balance, and proper relationship with the spiritual and physical worlds). Songs are used, in conjunction with other traditional healing (#healing #wellness) modalities, to restore lokahi and pono. This enables the flow of life force, or mana, to arise”.

Sound will be the medicine of the future." -Edgar Cayce

So what is sound healing? Sound healing (#soundhealing #soundbath) is the practice of using sound or music as a means to promote well being, restore balance and assist in mental, physical and spiritual healing. Most often the listener lays on a yoga mat, eyes closed and focuses on the breath while listening to a bath of sounds and vibrations. A variety of instruments including gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls, and chimes take the listener into a deep state of meditation. Participants often leave with a sense of peace, focus and well being,

Maui Sound Healing, a Truly Unique Experience

There are sound healings and there is Maui Sound Healing with Sacred Sound Alchemy. Most common type of sound healing or sound bath use a combination of crystal bowls, gongs and chimes. Maui Sound Healing takes things to a whole new level. Tools of the trade include a collection of planetary gongs (#gongs) and crystal bowls (#crystalbowls), as well as many esoteric instruments such as the sarod, water phone, didgeridoo (#didgeridoo), tabla, medicine drums, shamanic rattles, and tanpura. Shamanic chants, Native American medicine songs, Sanskrit mantra, and vocal overtones are all used to take the listener deep within, beyond the barriers of every day thought and emotions. The application of binaural beats and neuroplasticity is the latest addition to the symphony of healing sounds and frequencies created by Maui Sound Healing with Rasa Priya and Sarah Sparkles. If you are on vacation visiting Maui, please come and experience this unique journey. (#mauiyoga #mauimeditation #mauiactivities #vacation #hawaii)


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