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Are you feeling stuck in your life, searching for direction, fulfillment, purpose?  Rasa Priya's remote healing has helped others all over the world, to deepen their relationships with themselves, their life purpose.  The session begins with a personal conversation, discovering current blocks, triggers, and patterns.  Next, a customized guided sound healing meditation designed to go deep into the physical and emotional bodies.  The session ends with a self care plan.  For questions please feel free to email us. 


"I am so grateful for your healing.  I am amazed that you went to my core and picked up on the boy and mother.  Mahalo for your time"

- Norbacca Walker

"Thank you so much for reaching out in such a time of need. You are very powerful. I experienced very intense release on my end of our connection. Thank you for the analysis afterwards it is great help as I am still working on trusting and understanding my own intuition. I know its there, I just dont quite know exactly how to follow it all the time without getting caught up in my mind. Truely grateful to of had the pleasure of interacting with you"

-Monique Avanthay

"I felt a tingling in my head...and a vibration in my heart that I have not felt before.  I also felt the connection between the two.  It was quite profound.  Thank you so much for you wisdom and gifts.  I felt your presence"

-Natasha De Souza

"I am battling pancreatic cancer having chemo, but am a warrior and will survive.  The healing helped me relax.  I so appreciate the healing, bless you"

- Laurel Tileston

"Thank you so much! Was such a powerful healing.  Came at the perfect time"

- Rasha Hussein

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