Retreats and Retreat Facilitation

Retreat Class Facilitator-

Are you hosting a retreat in Hawaii and want to add something special?  Rasa Priya is a skilled facilitator and teacher dedicated to helping others develop self awareness and self empowerment.  His classes are unique and powerful.  

Drum Empowerment Class-

The power of creativity can enhance self awareness and self confidence.  Rasa shows how to go beyond self limiting beliefs and gain empowerment through drums.  Experience and ability is not required.  (Maui retreats only)

Vocal Empowerment Class-

Give your voice the power of authentic expression, make what you say and share command attention and consideration.  Give you emotions the freedom of sound and self discovery.

Shamanic Shadow Work Sound Session-

Old wounds can get trapped inside the body.  Emotional triggers and self destructive patterns can interfere with being fully present in the moment.  Shamanic sound sessions are designed to explore hidden areas within.

Sound Healing-

Our sound healings are a perfect compliment for any retreat.  A truly unique experience.

Assertive Communication-

Similar to non-violent communication, assertive communication allows both participants a way to be heard, validated and received while enhancing interpersonal connection.  Using this technique in ordinary or heated conversations promotes self reflection and accountability and is very useful in solving issues.

Letting Go of Resistance/Attachment-

Where is your resistance?  Discover how resistance and attachment interfere with being present and empowered with what is.  In these times, many struggle with self doubt, uncertainty, how to navigate in the unknown.  Learn how to stop the internal struggle and take back your power.

Right/Left Brain Integration-

Many of us have dominant left or right brain traits.  People developed in left brain can lack in creativity, intuition and spiritual or abstract awareness.  Similarly, those who have dominant right brains can sometimes lack in grounding, practical awareness, and financial responsibility.  Developing both sides of the brain is a powerful tool when it comes to our full potential.

How to Become a Shaman-

Do you want to go deeper?  Learn to go beyond the story, beyond the limitations of the mind, emotions, and self limiting patterns created from wounding.  Develop inner strength through creativity, intuition, self awareness and authentic self expression.  Discover hidden abilities for healing, wellness and service by learning about subtle and gross energies and how to channel them.

Learn to Play Crystal Bowls/Gong-

introduction into sound healing by learning how to play crystal singing bowls and gongs. (Maui retreats only)

Luxurious Home

Maui Retreats-

Get on our waiting list!  Our self empowerment and self discovery retreats are like no others.  We offer a wide variety of experiences designed to promote self awareness, self discovery, self empowerment, creativity and wellness.  Located on the magical Island of Maui, you will have an opportunity for a powerful and transformational experience.  We will be announcing our next retreat by the end of March.  Retreats are limited to 10-15 people so contact us to get on our list.