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Sarah Sparkles has worked in the healing arts for many years and began her training at John Hopkins Hospital.  As a healthcare worker she has worked with many patients and their families as they go through their process.  Using skills developed from DBT and EMDR therapy, Sarah has become gifted in helping those suffering from abuse, trauma and PTSD associated with early childhood.  Sarah is also a classically trained musician who later turned her attention towards  

Kirtan (Sanskrit chanting) and North Indian classical raga.  Sarah's unique skill set combines spiritual

cultivation with practical application in a way that is easily accessible. 

Forest Hada is a child educator who spends much of his free time helping children develop their appreciation for traditional Hawaiian music and culture.  Forest lives a simple life and deeply connected to the earth and ocean.  He spends much of his time communing with nature, especially plants.  In fact, all his didgeridoos are handmade and infused with mana.  Forest has been involved with a number of sacred musical practices and has performed in major spiritual events including Bhaktifest.  Forest adds so much to the sound healing experience and really touches his listeners, leaving them in a deep state of meditation.

Rasa Priya has worked as a respiratory therapist for more than 30 years treating the critically ill.  He also has a degree in nursing and is an accomplished reiki practitioner.  Rasa's extensive background in esoteric music forms began as a child where he was trained in classical music.  As a young man, Rasa stayed in the Ashrams of India where he studied chanting, meditation and mridangam mantras. 

Eventually, Rasa began to incorporate

his love for music and the healing arts and developed a unique style of sound healing.  His unusual approach incorporates a variety of sound healing disciplines that dates back thousands of years.

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