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What is Sound Healing? What is Sound Bath?  Maui Sound Healing with Rasa Priya and Sarah Sparkles is a truly unique sound experience designed to take the listener deep into meditation and relaxation. Maui Sound Healing combines many methods of ancient sound practices, chants, mantras, world instruments such as sarod, tabla, hand pan, violin and didgeridoo while using traditional sound healing instruments such as crystal singing bowls, and Planetary gongs.  Find out what makes Maui Sound Healing truly different from other sound healings.

Realm of Dreams- Enjoy a full version of the Maui Sound Healing experience while watching beautiful imagery.  Realm of Dreams explores different parts of the sound journey, each designed to awaken various parts of who you are including both the light and shadow aspects. 

Certain Native American chants are used to invoke sacred animal spirits to assist in healing, balance and guidance.  In Native American culture animal spirits are an important part of the spiritual experience.  Each animal is associated with specific gifts and qualities.  As an example, the bear is considered to be connected to healing.  Maui Sound Healing incorporates this practice as a tool towards wellness. 

Bringing light to the darkness.  The shamanic realm helps to  explore the hidden parts of the self.  These hidden parts of the self are often cultivated during childhood or during traumatic events as show up as defense mechanisms.  Nurturing these parts of our being is powerful.  When we discover the shadow aspects of ourselves and become our own caregivers, our hearts open, not only towards other, but to ourselves.  One of the main healing modalities in self help is learning to love and accept who we are.  The more compassion we have for our self affect how we can hold space for others.

In North Indian classical music raga is a pattern of notes that have specific ways of relating and expressing.  The improvisations are used to invoke specific emotions and feelings.  Many of our childhood wounding is expressed in emotion.  Sometimes we may not even know why we feel the way we do.  We see some event, someone says something to us or even looks at us a certain way and we become overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings that don't seem to make sense.  Maui Sound Healing uses raga to invoke feelings and emotions to assist in the healing process.

Gongs have been around for since the 6th century, originating from China.  They are used in a variety of ways during ceremonies and celebrations.  Maui Sound uses many styles of gongs including Planetary gongs, which are tuned to the frequencies of specific planets, Mother Tesla gong for its deep vibrations and the Tai Loi, a warm heart opening gong.  During the sound healing we place our gongs in various locations of the room in order to enhance dynamics assisting in neuroplasticity, the synthesizing of neural pathways.  The result is powerful.  Guests often speak of leaving their body, reviving old memories, and even physical sensations such as heat. 

Kirtan is a call and response kind of prayer or chant.  It is practiced all over the world to help develop spiritual awareness and ease suffering.  Guests may choose to participate, using their own voice as a part of the sound healing experience or they may simply listen.  Kirtan is done before the actual sound journey as a way to prepare the individual for their own unique experience.     

Our closing song We Are One is played at the end of each session to help the listener ground and transition back.  A heart centered song promoting love and unity with all forms of life.  To purchase a copy please visit the link below.

Maui Sound Healing Tribe

Meet the Tribe


Rasa Priya

Rasa Priya- sarod, guitar, vocals, medicine drum, Native American flute, Om Wands, gongs, shamanic invocations, kirtan, mantra.  As a young man, Rasa enrolled at the Medical Training Institute where he began his studies in the healing arts.  After moving to Maui, he found his way with a spiritual path that really spoke to him.  His spiritual studies eventually took him to the temples in India, where he studied mantra, chanting and kirtan.  For the next 12 years Rasa would devote all his time and energy to music related to spiritual healing and growth.  Eventually this lead to Rasa’s kirtan band, “Jivatma.”  Rasa participated in a number of events and performances  but eventually realized that many people did not share the same appreciation for kirtan as he did.  Still, Rasa wanted to be in service to those who were suffering.  He wanted to integrate his life experience and passion for the healing arts and music.  Sound healing was the perfect solution.  Rasa could now combine his study and practice of mantra, kirtan, chanting  and his experience in the healing arts.  He could practice spirituality without the stigma of religion or sectarian views.  For him, sound healing was an all inclusive way to be his complete self, in alignment with purpose and passion. 

Sarah Sparkles

Sarah Sparkles- crystal singing bowls, handpan, dunn drum, vocals, keyboard.  Sarah began her training in Western classical music at the age of 8, where she would spend countless hours in practice.  As Sarah developed an attraction for spirituality, she shifted her musical attention towards Kirtan (Sanskrit chanting) and North Indian classical raga.  Sarah Sparkles has worked in the healing arts for many years and began her training at John Hopkins Hospital caring for the critically ill.  After working in Western medicine for many years, Sarah became acutely aware of the limitations Western treatment had to offer.  Seeing patients and families struggle through intense loss, grief, trauma and PTSD Sarah began experimenting with alternative healing modalities to help ease emotional and spiritual suffering.  After meeting Amma (known to others as the hugging saint) Sarah has devoted her life to reflect Ammas teachings which embrace love and compassion for all beings.  Maui Sound Healing is a culmination of Sarah's passion and vision and is continuously evolving and developing.

Forest Hada

Forest Hada- Didgeridoo, chimes, Hawaiian chants, shaker.  Forest is a native of Maui.  He enjoys surfing, working with nature and spiritual music.  His Hawaiian and Chinese roots have guided him into a value system that is deeply connected to the earth.  Forest has been playing, teaching and building didgeridoos for more than a decade and has a passion for sharing and inspiring children in the musical arts.  His unique sound healing style has touched the hearts of all ages. 

Andrea Walls

Andrea Walls- Violin, shaker, crystal bowls, vocal backup.   Andrea is well known in the Maui music scene.  She has been invited to play for a number of well known artists and performers from all over the world.  Andrea is trained in classical music, North Indian Classical music, African and has a deep appreciation for kirtan and spiritual music.   Andrea's exquisite gifts are known to penetrate the heart.  Her playful nature is expressed with her love for dolphins and whales as well as her passion for the violin.

Udaya Bryce

Udaya Bryce- Tabla, djembe, shaker, kartals, water phone.  Udaya has been involved with devotional music for many years.  Currently she uses her drumming skills in service to Amma the hugging saint and travels around the world.  Udaya is trained in a variety of disciplines including North Indian classical music, kirtan, and performed with the kirtan band Jivatma for many years. 

Adesh Khalsa

Adesh Khalsa- Planetary gongs, pranayama breathwork, shaker, medicine drum.  Adesh is the founder of the Kundinyasa School of Yoga, a blend of Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga.  A dedicated yoga practitioner for 17 years, and energy healer for over 20 years, Adesh has a natural gift for mantra and facilitating altered states leading people through other worlds.  Adesh's specialized breathwork really prepares the listener for a deep journey.

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