Rasa Priya has worked in the healing arts for over 30 years specializing in respiratory related problems and treating the critically ill.  He holds degrees in Respiratory therapy, nursing and is an accomplished reiki practitioner and massage therapist.  Rasa's extensive background in esoteric music forms began as a child where he was trained in classical music.  Seeking a deeper sense of spirituality, he stayed in the Ashrams (temples) of India where he studied chanting, mantras, meditation, kirtan and mridangam. Eventually, Rasa began to incorporate his love for music and the healing arts and developed a unique style of sound healing.  His unusual approach incorporates a variety of sound healing disciplines that date back thousands of years.


Sarah Sparkles started training in Western classical music at the age of 8 and in later years shifted her musical attention towards Kirtan (Sanskrit chanting) and North Indian classical raga.  Sarah Sparkles has worked in the healing arts for many years and began her training at John Hopkins Hospital caring for the critically ill.  After working in Western medicine for many years, Sarah became acutely aware of the limitations Western treatment had to offer.  Seeing patients and families struggle through intense loss, grief, trauma and PTSD Sarah began experimenting with alternative healing modalities to help ease emotional and spiritual suffering.  After meeting Amma (known to others as the hugging saint) Sarah has devoted her life to reflect Ammas teachings which embrace love and compassion for all beings. 

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