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Rasa Priya

Shamanic Sound Healer


Meet Rasa Priya-

Discover the transformative power of sound with Rasa Priya, a seasoned practitioner with over 30 years of experience. Through a unique blend of spirituality, quantum healing, and artistic expression, Rasa creates a sacred space for deep healing journeys. His approach combines music, mindfulness, and various healing modalities to facilitate self-realization, self-acceptance, and profound transformation.


Rooted in Personal Experience-

Rasa's own healing journey began in childhood, where music became his refuge from an abusive home. As he delved into spirituality, he realized the powerful connection between music and inner healing. With degrees in healthcare, Rasa observed the influence of thoughts and perspective on overall wellness, leading him to explore meditation, spirituality, and music for spiritual cultivation.

Healing Journey-

Rasa's desire for service led him into healthcare where he earned degrees in respiratory therapy and nursing.   As a healthcare worker, he discovered the relationship between wellness and internal conflict.  He noticed how much perspective and thoughts influence body chemistry.  Rasa was often frustrated with the superficial approach and limitations of western medicine.  "In western medicine we mostly treat symptoms.  Rarely do we address the root causes of suffering", Rasa explains.  Searching for answers, both professionally and personally, Rasa journeyed to India where he stayed in temples, studying meditation, spirituality, and music related to spiritual cultivation.  Rasa's interest in spirituality and music continued and he created a kirtan (chanting) band, Jivatma, and ended up playing mostly for small gigs and festivals.  After many years, Rasa left the healthcare industry and devoted himself fully to his life long dream of music and healing.  

Embarking on a Lifelong Dream -

Driven by his passion for music and healing, Rasa left the healthcare industry and dedicated himself fully to his lifelong dream. Drawing from shamanic initiations, ancient wisdom, and his intuitive gifts, he now offers private sound healing sessions, shamanic (shadow work) sessions, and retreats on the enchanting island of Maui.

Experience Healing Harmony with Maui Sound Healing-

Maui Sound Healing, co-founded by Rasa Priya and Sarah Sundari, offers a unique and eclectic approach to sound healing. Immerse yourself in transformative experiences that take you on an inward journey towards profound healing. Join us for private sound healing sessions, transformative shamanic work, or enriching retreats amidst the beauty of Maui.

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